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Woman: Detox? Not so much…

Detox-Special-150x1507am… The day is here! I am finally going to do it. A detox. Ooooo such a loaded buzz word. Celebrities a go go! But seriously I feel I need something else my day-to-day diet is not cutting it. I have been a little fuzzy headed of late and what with other niggles. Tired is probably the word for it I know, busy working mum and all that but the time seems right and along with other lovely presents I got for my birthday, I received a juicer.

So armed with my Jason Vale Juicing Made Easy book I am making a start. A long conversation at the school gates this morning about how delicious roast potatoes were did make me think twice about detoxing but no, shoulders back I have to do it. Apart from anything I seem to have bought my own body weight in fresh fruit and vegetables!

My first detoxing juice of the day tastes delicious and determined to make this a fun project rather than research into a world rather beyond me, I switch on the radio: Ahhh bliss one of my favourite songs of the moment: Silver lining by First Aid Kit. Check out this amazing acoustic version, it’s so beautiful.

My detox is only for three days, I know it sounds like I am giving everything up for weeks! But it’s hard when you love you food like I do…

The recipe I went with this morning was:

Detox Special
•    3 apples (royal gala or golden delicious)
•    1 carrot
•    1 slice of lemon
•    1/4 yellow bell pepper
•    1 inch slice of cucumber
•    1/4 piece of celery
•    1 inch of broccoli stem
•    1 inch slice of beetroot
•    1 medium ripe avocado
•    ice
Place one whole apple through your juicer, then the other ingredients except the avocado. Place some ice in a blender with the avocado, add the juice and blend until smooth. It really was quite delicious.

This is a Pilates Reformer!

This is a Pilates Reformer!

In other exciting news (well I think so) I am building a home Pilates studio for my clients. It’s a big step for me, a leap of faith in what I know I can do and what I hope people want and need. It is small. I will be able to teach four people in there, and once I do my reformer training only three as I hope to put a reformer machine in.

Small Pilates classes are much more effective than big classes of 20 you find in gyms and other places. Even my bigger classes only have 10 people in. Sometimes I don’t even have the time to see to 10 clients in a mat class let alone 20+. If you ever think about starting Pilates please ensure two things:

  • Your teacher has the right professional training not a Groupon deal style training of a day long, seriously I saw that advertised just the other day and it made me shudder.  This is your body we are talking about! Seriously, you only have one, do you want someone who does not have the right training? Do your homework please.
  • And of course make sure they are not allowing too many people in their classes.

I am a Pilates Foundation Teacher – it’s worth mentioning – and it’s taken me a long time to get here! The training is long and thorough with continuous learning and development every year. If you are thinking about starting Pilates I  recommend  going to the Pilates Foundation website.  www.pilatesfoundation.co.uk

7pm… Oh hell, I am sorry to all those people who thought, “brilliant! Suzi is doing a detox she can really show us how it’s done”. No, its now 7pm and I can only think about all the food I have not eaten today and apart from that I feel dreadful. I am sorry to say I have caved in to an evening meal. Does that not sound absolutely ridiculous? Caving in to eating?  Bloody hell I am losing the plot.

Let’s put things in perspective:  Juicing is fabulous and indeed the reason why I thought a detox would be a good plan is because I have been making juice every morning for the past eight days and feel a huge difference in my energy and my body in general. I think I just wanted more of the feeling wonderful. But I have now learnt, that I do need to have some sort of protein and carbohydrate in my body every day or I start to feel rubbish. Apart from the fact that I love my food and miss it most terribly!

So I will keep juicing and eat sensibly throughout the day.

Suzi's green juiceMy favourite morning juice
•    1/2 cucumber
•    1 stick celery
•    1 cup spinach
•    2 green apples (preferably Golden Delicious)
•    1/4 lime, peeled
•    1/2 inch fresh ginger
•    1/2 Avocado

Simply juice all the ingredients, pour into a glass over ice, drink and enjoy! The smell of freshly extracted ginger and lime juice alone is amazing. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals, and I’m sure the juice will also bring life to every cell in your body.  Yummy!

In a bid to boost my health, I am reducing my sugar intake (not quite giving it up!), juicing once or twice a day and incorporating my new favourite wonderfood – coconut oil – into my diet.  I feel that if I can load my body with all those wonderful nutrients first thing it is bound to set me up for the day! Even better, it does seem to make me want to eat more healthily for the rest of day detox or not! I have lost a few pounds along the way and I certainly feel more energised.

So, my friends, my new healthy approach is making me want to shout “oh my god it’s good to be alive”… hit it Imelda May.


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  1. Don’t worry, I could never do it either. I just love food too much. Just be happy how you are and leave all that juicing stuff to the health nutters.

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