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We’re on holiday

Richard, the children and I are off to France for a lovely, long, relaxing stay in a farmhouse tucked away in the middle of nowhere… can’t wait. As I type, the children are packing their bags and I am mentally reminding myself to grab the sunhats and water bottles before we dash out.


I can’t go on summer holiday without thinking back to this time last year when I was pregnant with “Six”, madly writing my pregnancy blog and constantly being surprised when I received emails and comments from readers… I feel Diamonds and Daisychains has really found its voice during 2013, mixing up important women’s issues and life story blogs, with advice, ideas and projects.


To all our readers, thank you for being a part of Diamonds and Daisychains. Knowing that someone is out there enjoying our work provides us with great pleasure and motivation. Please keep reading and writing in, though I’m afraid I won’t be approving comments till I get back…

To my friends and family, thank you also for listening to me endlessly bang on about the website, for your love, support and encouragement. We all know it’s my seventh baby, and that a real seventh baby is just one baby too many…

To the beautiful contributors, whether regulars or not, thank you for being proud, courageous, passionate and inspiring.

I am really looking forward to writing heaps more content when I arrive home from holiday all refreshed and feeling vibrant. And I look forward to being in touch with other interesting people, sharing ideas and campaigning on important issues.

Happy holidays! x Kate




About Kate

Kate Seamark is the Editor of Diamonds and Daisychains. She is the force behind our ethical clothing campaign and would love you to sign her petition for clothing labels which indicate working conditions all along the supply chain. Read what she's up to in Editor's letters, where she keeps everyone up to date on her latest outrages while trying not to embarrass her six children too much. To find out more about our contributors, visit our Community page.


  1. Hope you have a ball, you deserve it I bet.

  2. Six children?! How do you do it? : ) I always wanted four, but I am frazzled with just our two boys, packing for our hols today. Enjoy France!

    • Kate

      Thanks Louisa – it’s crazy but fun! (Sorry for my delayed response, I published my post and switched the computer off for nearly three whole weeks!) I’ll check out your blog once I’ve got through my to-do list. x Kate

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