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Want to be a working parent?

Working babyIf it’s a career you’re after, having children can seriously alter your outlook on working.

For many parents returning to a job where you work 50-plus hours is simply not practical, nor ideal.

Now more and more parents are looking for flexible work that lends itself to family life, but still pulls in a decent wage.

A compromise on salary is often inevitable, but if a job can offer flexible working and the option of less stress, then it may well be the best choice for you.

Some of the best jobs for parents looking for flexibility incorporate skills you already possess. Take for example freelancing in a profession you are already trained in. This gives you the flexibility to pick and choose when you work. The downside is that you may still be working to tight deadlines and cramming in work late into the evening. Freelancing can often involve becoming self-employed, so you will no longer get the benefits of sick pay and holiday pay. It does bring with it a certain freedom that you won’t get from being employed by a firm.

Becoming your own boss and leading a team can be rewarding. If you’ve worked in an industry you know like the back of your hand, there’s no reason you can’t set up your own business. Eventually you’ll have a steady income and flexible working hours that you desire, but initially you’ll probably find yourself putting in more hours than you’d anticipated.

More and more often I hear of parents working in PR, which is seemingly a pretty flexible career option. Working from home options and flexi time can all help with work around a family.

If it’s the holidays you’re after then teaching can offer that, but it’s a job that requires long hours due to form filling and paperwork after lessons are over. If you want a long summer holiday with the kids it’s a great option – but term time will be pretty tough.

Childminding is great for new mums who want to spend time with their own children while still earning money. Many work part time as a lot of parents don’t take full time childcare, so you still get the flexibility of days off.

If you have the inclination to juggle your childcare with working at the same time, there are jobs out there that are short term but can fit in with your requirements – Internet surveys, selling for Avon, call centre work and copywriting, are all short term options that pull in extra money.

American Birth.orgA doula is a person who guides women through pregnancy from start to end, and is on hand throughout the birth. For mums who have been through the experience of child birth, training as a doula or a midwife offers a career that they can understand, and that offers flexibility.

Alternative therapies including massage, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and homeopathy can be studied on a part-time basis, and when you’ve achieved your certificate you can set up a practice in your own home. This works particularly well around a family as you can schedule your own timetable, and you’ll have another qualification. Share

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  1. Absolutely with you I agree, it is good idea being a doula. I am a doula and its the most rewarding job I could of dreamed of having. Really great way to share your ideas and experiences with other mothers and share the power of birth over and over again. I never want to retire from this!!!!

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