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Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 13.09.08The Seamark Household were recently in receipt of a lovely package of “natural baby spa” goodies from Tiddley Pom. We often get sent things to review on Diamonds and Daisychains, but rarely do they end up on our Things we love page!! Tiddley Pom appealed because it’s organic, ethically produced and doesn’t contain parabens, mineral oils or harmful chemicals like Sodium Lauryth Sulphate (SLS).

I also loved the idea that the Tiddley Pom baby spa concept was the meisterwerk of an aromatherapist, Emma Nash, an infant massage instructor, Jo Kellett and a composer, Fridrik Karlsson, all working together to create an amazing experience for babies.

So what were we to do except have a spa night!

My three youngest youngsters – Charlotte (5), Jim (3) and Ted (1) – started with a lovely hot, bubbly bath. We used a couple of drops of the Organic Baby Wash in the bath and used it to wash their bodies and the boys’ hair as well. (Charlotte used a different shampoo and conditioner as her hair needs more intensive conditioning.) The Baby Wash had a fresh smell which I would describe as more chamomile than lavender, although there are notes of both.

IMG_8571Ted put on his usual exuberant kicking and splashing display that essentially creates a rainstorm across the bathroom, much to his siblings’ delight.

Next it was massage time. Ted went first – we had to stop the storm! I have done baby massage before and also watched the Tiddley Pom Developing Baby’s Senses With Baby Massage DVD. The massage films from the DVD are also available for free(!) on the Tiddley Pom website. I found the films both informative and interesting – and quite relaxing too! Presented by Jo Kellett, who is a member of The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, they include easy step-by-step instructions on a variety of routines and techniques, including massages to remedy various ailments, massages for play and relaxation and massages for particular areas of the body. She also gives some lovely tips on bonding, trust-building and developing intimacy with your baby through simple signals and body language.

I chose to follow the Relaxation massage, starting with Ted on his back. Now, Ted is a mighty oak of a baby if I say so myself. He’s a big, strong, toddling 1 year old who has an opinion on what he wants to do and when he wants to do it, and at first he was more keen on rolling over and getting up than finding out what this massage malarkey was all about. But I managed to encourage him to lie down for a few moments by letting him hold the lid of the box from the massage oil and we began the massage.

I stroked his head lightly and made eye contact, before warming the oil in my hands (as demonstrated). The oil was noticeably silky and fragrance free – a combination of coconut, kukui, blackcurrant and argan oils. Ted looked surprised and happy as I rubbed his legs and feet with the oil, and I thought the oil spray pack was a wonderfully practical way to dispense the oil without spills.

I worked through the Relaxation sequence – body, then arms and hands, but didn’t get to the head or back as Ted decided he’d had enough.

My husband helpfully took the children after they had finished their massage, and seeing as we were having a spa experience, gave them a quick manicure and pedicure (well, actually he just neatened up their toenails and fingernails with the nail clippers) and gave them a light dusting of talcum-free powder.

Jim was more patient with his massage, allowing me to go through the whole sequence and saying several times “This is nice, Mummy.” Charlotte giggled quite a lot at first, but visibly calmed and relaxed as we worked through the various stages. She lasted close to ten minutes before deciding it was story time.

IMG_6899Spa night was a lovely experience for all of us. The children clearly enjoyed all the attention and I loved having such a thoroughly tactile experience with them. It reminded me of a study I heard about years ago in which it was demonstrated that a baby rat which was preened by its mother had greater confidence and self-esteem than one who’s mother didn’t preen it. With six children, it sometimes seems tricky to squeeze in “preening” time with all of them! But making time to bond and experience each other is very important within a family and now that I have reminded myself of how lovely baby massage is – both as a gift to the other person and an experience for myself – I will be making sure to have more spa nights!

*We were also given a bottle of Tiddley Pom Organic Soothing Lotion, but chose not to use it after the massage as we felt the children’s skin was really softened and moisturised by the oil. However, I have been using the lotion on the children’s faces, knees and arms as they do seem to get so dry in the Winter. I love the fresh smell of the essential oils, and the lotion is indeed soothing on the skin and on the senses!

The full baby spa range is available on the Tiddley Pom website, as are their brilliant video demonstrations, and an interview with aromatherapist and company founder, Emma Nash.


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  1. Even the name is adorable! Definitely am going to have to try this out for when the baby arrives. So cute.

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