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The Brit Pack

A New Voice for British Made Children’s Brands


You’ll be needing one of these hats from Tweedies!

The Brit Pack is a collaboration formed of wholly British brands that design and manufacture quality goods within the children’s arena.  The collaboration is the inspiration of Grubbies co-founders, Carolyn Jones and Charlotte Hoffman, who share a passion for British made.

The premise for the initiative is to help support and build recognition for brands that not only design, but also make their goods in Britain.  By working together, they hope to generate greater awareness for British made children’s brands:

The Brit Pack brings together the very best in emerging and existing talent within the children’s arena.  By working together as one voice, we can help raise awareness for the fantastic products on offer – Carolyn Jones

All the grubbby-in-a-good-way kids are in Grubbies!

All the grubbby-in-a-good-way kids are in Grubbies!

Having founded Grubbies with the tag-line ‘Made Great in Britain’ in 2012, Jones and Hoffman recognise the challenges that face emerging British manufacturers.

Yummy! Hop and Peck

Yummy! Hop and Peck

“Starting a business can be tough enough, but to manufacture here in Britain, is an entirely different challenge altogether.  The British manufacturing industry has suffered from many years of neglect.  Whilst there’s been a small resurgence, it has largely been propelled by the Asian market who’ve developed a taste for the quality and heritage that’s become synonymous with British made products,” says Hoffman.

“Thanks to the revived patriotism brought about by the Olympics, Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Wedding and subsequent Royal birth, British people are beginning to take an interest in home-grown brands once again.

Grab a pair of junior Jellies for your little fashionista.

Grab a pair of junior Jellies for your little fashionista.

“We hope that initiatives like The Brit Pack will help place ‘British Made’ brands firmly on the map.”

The Brit Pack is currently formed of 19 brands but continues to grow.

If you’d like to explore some truly original children’s fashion, homewares, toys and activities have a look for yourself. And for our fabulous ethical shopping enthusiasts, buying British means buying goods that are protected by EU work regulations and safety requirements, so go ahead, spend up!

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Wouldn't your little wild thing look lovely in this WIld Things dress??

Wouldn’t your little wild thing look lovely in this Wild Things dress??


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  1. More great ethical brands for me to try – thanks!

  2. Hi, I saw this on twitter…….. brilliant to see Brits working together and I hope we can bring more manufacturing back to our shores. I’ll try some of these designers for sure, thanks! xxx

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