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Sainsbury’s: “We love your style”

IMG_0262The lovely people at Sainsbury’s Magazine recently interviewed me about my fashion style! It was very flattering though I think I did manage to fit the word “breastfeeding” into virtually every sentence I spoke. It went a bit like this:

How would you describe your style? Lots of buttons, zips and holes in funny places… I have to have easy access for breastfeeding!

What kind of clothes do you like to wear? Oh I love dresses, but only ones that I don’t have to hoik up to feed my baby… stretchy, soft ones that don’t show my nursing pads. I’m breastfeeding, you see.

Where do you buy your clothes? Babes With Babies, of course! Their Mariposa dress is so fabulously flattering! And purple too! And you can get in to your bra from the sides, or the front! I bought it during my pregnancy, but it’s perfect for breastfeeding too.

And on it went… Fortunately, I sound quite sensible in the article and the editor has toned down my incessant use of the word breastfeeding. If you want to read it, it’s in the November 2013 issue which is on the shelves at Sainsbury’s now.

As Winter draws in, most of us will be buying some new clothing for ourselves and our families. If you’re pregnant and would like to borrow a few ideas on style, bargain shopping and fashion ethics, feel free to borrow some of mine, most of which I guarantee are 100% recycled! They’re all written up in How to create a useful, ethical maternity wardrobe.

I am also delighted to be collaborating with Mia Seipel from super-ethical Swedish brand Boob on a breastfeeding style guide at the moment. Our lovely readers seem to enjoy our “how to” and “wardrobe”  articles, so I’ll continue to find inspiring, ethical and lovely people to share their wisdom with us all. And do keep letting us know about the ethical brands you are discovering, why it’s important to you and your family to buy ethically, and what you’re really coveting this Winter.

x Kate




About Kate

Kate Seamark is the Editor of Diamonds and Daisychains. She is the force behind our ethical clothing campaign and would love you to sign her petition for clothing labels which indicate working conditions all along the supply chain. Read what she's up to in Editor's letters, where she keeps everyone up to date on her latest outrages while trying not to embarrass her six children too much. To find out more about our contributors, visit our Community page.


  1. We love your style too Kate!

  2. bookmarked!!, I love your web site!

  3. Such a gorgeous and stylish lady. Woot woot – glad to see you in Sainsbo’s! xI

  4. We love your style too Kate! Very proud to see you in the Sainsburys mag!

  5. Purring over the boots. Xx

    • Kate

      Meow! Thanks Sarah. They’re my faves. The actual ones are Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots, though the ones they featured are remarkably similar! x

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