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Festive glamour tips

Do you feel like you need an instant glamour fix for the office party but don’t have enough time or money to indulge in a lengthy treatment?

Kate Winslet has a great pair of high-definition eyebrows!

Kate Winslet has a great pair of high-definition eyebrows!

One of the most effective but overlooked treatments is the simple eyebrow shape and/ or tint. By defining and shaping your brows, you can bring attention to your eyes without the need for a lot of heavy make up. Generally an eyebrow shape or eyebrow tint costs between £8.00 and £15.00 and takes about fifteen minutes. If you have not had an eyebrow shape before I would advise you to go to a therapist that has been recommended by someone whose eyebrows you like!

An experienced eyebrow therapist will tell you what shape will suit your face and how dark your eyebrows should be to suit your skin coloring. Brows are in, you may have noticed brow bars or threading booths in department stores.

If you have an idea of what you want great! ask for it, but bear in mind that once your eyebrows have been waxed or plucked you can’t stick them back on if you don’t like their new shape. You will have to grow back that brow or fill it with liner in the meantime.

My first and only experience of threading was at a beauty show earlier in the year, where I made the classic mistake of not telling the therapist what I wanted. I had no idea what to expect from threading and just assumed the therapist could read my mind. I sat back in the threading chair and was surprised at how quickly the therapist worked and to my horror how much of my eyebrow she removed.

It felt like a haircut: I could feel lots of hair falling on my cheeks. An OMG moment.

My solution was to cut a fringe, but I will forever remember to communicate with any therapists in the future and not assume they can read my mind!  If you are not feeling brave enough to wax or shape your eyebrows, try filling them in with a brow liner or you can buy a brow kit with powder and wax from most cosmetic lines.

ff-600x592Likewise an eyelash tint can be very effective, particularly if you have a fair complexion. An eyelash tint costs between £12.00 and £20.00 and takes about 20- 25 minutes, so it is possible to squeeze into a lunch break. You should always visit the salon first and have a patch test at least 24 hours before your tint just in case you are allergic to the tint. It really is best to find out your allergic by getting a red, itchy reaction somewhere other than all around your eyes!

Carol Vorderman looking golden and glowing in red!

Carol Vorderman looking golden and glowing in a red, festive frock!

If you need a bit of lift there is always the quick fix of a spray tan.  A spray tan takes about 15 –20 minutes and most brands dry instantly or certainly within 10 minutes.  At this time of year a light or natural glow may just give you the confidence to show off the new dress you have been dying to wear. There is something about having a tan that just makes me feel brighter, how about you?

Last but not least, a cheaper but messier option is to try a self-tan application at home. Always use a mitt and not your hands, otherwise your palms and nails will be stained, and your hard won festive glamour will be undone!

Leave a comment for Lisa and our readers if you have a quick and inexpensive glamour tip you’d like to share!


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  1. Fantastic tips, thanks.

  2. Kate

    My quick and easy festive beauty tip is gel nails in Dynamic!!

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