The paysafecard casinos have established a very innovative casino category that works beyond the usual e-wallets, credit cards and other options.

Paysafecard casinos review

The paysafecard has established a very innovative means of payment that works beyond the usual e-wallets, credit cards and other options. To use the paysafecard, you have to buy them first.

You can buy them at many outlets (including gas stations or other stores). With the search function on the website you can easily find the nearest point of sale.

On the spot, you decide on the amount that you want to load onto the card – you can choose 10 Euro, 15 Euro, 20 Euro, 25 Euro, 30 Euro, 50 Euro and 100 Euro. With the paysafecard PINs you can then pay immediately at thousands of web shops and online casinos.

All you have to do is enter the 16-digit PIN. The desired amount will then be deducted from the card. This is especially useful for those who do not have a credit card and do not want to use an account to charge a digital e-wallet.

Products and offers

paysafecard: With the paysafecard you can buy digital goods in webshops. The paysafecard is bought anonymously at petrol stations, kiosks, post offices or lottery points. Credit can usually be charged between 10 and 100 euros. But there is no “real” card, but a 16-digit PIN containing the credit. You need that to pay online. The amount charged will then be deducted. PINs can be used several times and combined (up to 10 PINs).

My paysafecard: This is an online payment account from paysafecard. You can upload various PINs into the account and combine them into a unified balance. In the webshop you have to log in under his pre-defined name and password to make the payments. The account also gives you an overview of all transactions. The account is therefore not anonymous.

My PLUS: My PLUS is a loyalty program that holders of paysafecard accounts can join. For each transaction, users are credited loyalty points, which can then be exchanged for specific offers in selected shops.

Paysafecard app: With the mobile app of the provider you can view and control transactions in your own my paysafecard account.

Paysafecard in the online casino

The paysafecard is really handy, especially for those who do not want any credit card or e-wallet, and also do not want to bring their checking account into the game. In many ways, the paysafecard is especially useful if you are a fan of cash. Of course you have to treat the paysafecard insofar as real cash – who loses his cards or PINs, which also loses real money!

For many, the paysafecard is the best option to deposit money in online casinos, because you also have a certain budget limit, as the cards are capped. One way or the other you have to know what you want: for high rollers, the small amounts are annoying.

For people who also want to pay their winnings via the deposit method, the paysafecard is nothing, because you can not do this. One advantage is that you can use the paysafecard in many other online shops and thus a certain flexibility exists.

Advantages of paysafecard

The biggest advantage of paysafecard is obvious: the transaction is completely anonymous. Since the card is paid in cash, there is absolutely no electronic proof of virtual payment. This is especially important for some people who want to play in peace at the online casino.

The paysafecard is secure and certified, and because many online casinos like such solutions, the paysafecard is also gladly accepted.

You can use the cards more often, check your balance online and even download an app that can be used to find the nearest point of sale on the go.

You get the paysafecard in many supermarkets, at petrol stations and kiosks, so is not dependent on just one kind of business.

paysafecard is super secure, just because you do not have to enter any sensitive personal bank details anywhere. Many people feel safer and get along with it: despite encryption, the transmission of financial data always leaves some residual risk.

Disadvantages of paysafecard

A big disadvantage is, of course, that you have to buy a paysafecard first in order to use them. You can not order them online, but only at the designated outlets. Although there are many, it can be quite awkward for some.

The paysafecard only allows credit up to 100 euros. You can buy several, but even that could turn out to be annoying because you do not want to organize multiple cards for large deposits.

With the paysafecard you can not withdraw money from the online casino because they only work in one direction. Therefore, you have to find a different method for the payouts.

Customer service at paysafecard

On the paysafecard page you will find the “Help” section with frequently asked questions on various topics. It answers everything that needs to be known about the service, as well as solutions to the difficulties encountered.

If your question is not listed and remains unbeatwordet, then you can send a message directly to paysafecard. On the website under “Contact” you can ask your question to the customer service.

History of paysafecard

paysafecard was founded in March 2000 in Vienna as a public limited company. Even then you wanted to offer a prepaid card for the Internet. At that time, one took the telephone cards to the model. The focus should be on risk-free payment for the customer. Already in September of the same year, paysafecard went online in Europe.

The paysafecard company was able to survive in the bursting dotcom phase, a very good testament to the quality and service of this financial service. With this hurdle left behind, in 2005 it was possible for the first time to make a profit. With this growth and additional EU funding, the company was able to expand within Europe in the same year. In 2007, 10 million transactions were completed.

Two years later, the expansion continued and the service was also started in Argentina. By 2016, paysafecard was able to establish itself in Turkey, Canada, Peru, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Georgia.

Incidentally, paysafecard has since become part of British e-wallet provider Skrill (since 2013). After the Skrill Group also acquired the competitor Ukash in November 2014, the two companies were merged from now on. The Skrill group was eventually bought by Optimal Payments Group in 2015 – the associated e-Wallet Neteller was a direct competitor. Meanwhile the whole group is called “Paysafe Group”.