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Mother: Judgement Month

DSCF1060I have gone ‘dry for January’. Yes, me. Red wine swilling, Prosecco toasting, cocktail boasting, G&T sneaking me.

I eat well, hydrate often, exercise (when I’m not injured, but more of that later!) more than most, but my vice is wine. Like many of my friends especially those that are parents, ‘wine o’clock’ is that magic moment when many of us take a glass of wine either as refuge against the craziness family life brings or as a reward for getting through the toughest of days.

Quite often and sometimes, importantly, I find it works as a demarcation between family time and adult time. One of the few things you both won’t and can’t share with your children. What can I do to celebrate surviving another day at the coal face? I love family life but it is tough going, even when everything goes to plan, and that nearly always never happens!!

When my children are away at their father’s, which doesn’t happen enough for everybody involved, I am a free agent for the weekend. What I should in fact do is head for the nearest spa and lie motionless and rest up. In fact what I do is instinctively head out to let off steam, socialise, stay out late and drink far too many cocktails, often with Coach or fabulous friends (you know who you are). So by the time by girls are back home, I am more tired than before they went. Do I ever learn? No.

So, I am eight days in to my annual DryJan. Coach is in too, as are many of my friends. Some are participating in Dryathlon the cancer awareness raising event and whilst this is clearly a great idea, my own charity – my body – is the beneficiary of my attempt this time.

Accepting a glass of wine has become such a habit I nearly accepted one on New Year’s Day. I have been teased, and taunted, and apparently my ‘dry’ Facebook updates are boring but I am starting to feel great. Coach and I did some quick sums (finances not being our strongest skill) but we roughly gauged that going tee total for an entire year could save circa £3,000.….drink for thought?


After last year’s London Marathon I have been wondering how to fuel my need for a physical challenge. So a group of us have signed up as a team for a JudgementDay event www.judgement-day.co.uk. These events are in essence running events about the length of a half marathon with obstacles designed by the Special Forces. Yes you read that right! An extreme obstacle course.

But…..sliding down the stairs with my friends son (planned hijinks) has left me with the worst bruising I have ever had and a torn calf muscle. In the words of my physio “you’ve torn that good and proper”. I’ve played rugby, raced at hurdles, been highly competitive(!) at netball, run cross country and limped most of 26.2 miles of last year’s marathon, but I have NEVER had a bruise like this!! It’s a beauty. So a period of inactivity is ahead of me for a few weeks yet. Resting is not a state I naturally inhabit, but if I want any chance of getting around the JudgementDay course in April, I need to take the next few weeks to recuperate properly.

The thing is… what is the one thing that goes hand in hand with putting your feet up…..? A glass of wine….To be continued. Wish me luck! I need it on both accounts.

DSCF1056I have started a blipfoto journal. Take a look www.blipfoto.com. Each day I take a photo of anything I like and document it with words, if I wish. There are very few rules and I have found it an encouraging and friendly community of ‘blippers’ from all over the world. It’s another little creative outlet for me. I initially thought it might be an excellent record of our lives for my girls but it is increasingly becoming a place to express some of my inner thoughts, this time through pictures.

Happy New Year

My current Facebook status reads: So, two school-runs done without any shouting!! Yes, from me. Of course!! Share

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  1. I really like your blog and hearing about all the things you get up to. Happy new year to you too. xo Bess

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