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Mother: In love with Autumn

I flipping love Autumn.

I have friends who are a bit cross with me about this, as they are sad (maybe even S.A.D.) to see the summer sent on its way but I feel super excited.

I know I am not the only one who has that starting over, refreshed and new term feel to September. It’s a new pencil case, first page of an exercise book kind of excitement, which I think I may have lovingly transferred to an annual new pair of boots kind of feeling. It is how New Year should probably feel but doesn’t because we are all too bloated and hungover and exhausted and skint!! Autumn has the training ground of the summer months, when we are all bronzed and lively and sexy.

Love my boots

I love boots, my beautiful Hunter wellington boots just as much as my leather collection that ever increases. I really love boots, as I said, and socks, scarves and hats. I love Halloween, fireworks, and bonfire night. I love red, orange, yellow, brown and any shade of green, and soup. I love red wine, far too much and I love leaves and conkers and rosehips and woody walks and dogs. I don’t mind the rain and I like a fleece blanket on my knees in the evening. I love tea lights (even those from IKEA) and Sunday roasts and my children’s post exercise, fresh air, rosy cheeks and I adore the thought of edging towards Christmas. Oh yes I do. I am ‘that’ woman.

My girls have new teachers, so new starts, not that they need it, at school, and the clean slate and clean perspective that that brings. New teachers create a whole new set of possibilities, fresh targets, the latest clubs to taster and academic challenges set. Pickle started hockey club (think non sporty child and sporty mum scenario…..weekly) and Petal’s drama club has set out on a new production.

Me? Last week I had a set-back. Full of’ lurgy’ (that’s an actual medical term, right?) I spent most of the week trying to limp through an obstacle course of events that all required so much childcare a nanny seemed the only option.  I had none. My parents got away for a well-deserved holiday, the first since my mother’s stroke in April. My fabulous friends were fabulous but could not quite stretch all the way to cover some of my planned events and needless to say having a father to my children that lives abroad, was no good to man nor beast. So I did the basics and made excuses for the rest.

Still, I just let go of the angst at some point, aided and abetted by a bottle of red, and limped onwards and have happily come out of the other side still believing that 2013 has some exciting things yet left to offer this Mother.

Writing still proves to be cathartic and maybe even lucrative. I have some new, possibly crazy, fitness goals. A new term at work brings some new faces to get to know and some smiley old faces to have more fun with.

Coach and I are moving forward too. Luckily for both of us, he also likes my boots ..…….

Back on track with Book Club I am finishing The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, which I am loving. Yes, more love. Next up is The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt.

Current Facebook status reads: OMG! Car passes MOT first time shocker (also read as: phew!) Share

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Sarah Baker
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  1. You almost convince me to like Autumn too… keep writing! And hows the teepee going in your garden? Or was it just temporary? Really Great.

  2. In love with life!! SpiderMan Fan xx

  3. High five for Rowena!! I think my next column will have to cover just how divided my friends have been on this!! Crazy. Anyway, I stand firm, Autumn is the best season. Sarah xx

  4. Hmmmm, so love really is in the air over at Diamonds & Daisychains. Go girls!! x

  5. Oooooo! I love Autumn to. It gets such a tough rap. Nice to see someone being all positive about the frosty weather and gray skys. Well said, Mother blog.

  6. Lunette, thank you!! Enjoying our scrummy new website? Sarah xx

  7. So I am in good company!! Good news Sarah x

  8. So lovely.

  9. Kate

    I am totally with you, Sarah. I love Autumn, and even more this year as it actually feels like we’ve had a good summer. Here’s to red wine and bonfire night and wellie boots and the new school year and even Christmas peeping around the corner!! x Kate

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