Alana Athletica yoga pants

Luxury yoga wear empowering victims of abuse

A Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise $30,000 to create luxury yoga wear which supports female abuse victims, has almost hit its target.

Alana Athletica has paired up with the Sri-Lankan based non-profit Emerge Global, which aims to empower young female abuse survivors by providing education, resources and opportunities they need to support themselves and their families and help bring their abusers to justice.

Luxury yoga wear empowering victims of abuse
Victims of abuse are given employment by Alana Athletica, supporting them and empowering them

Alana’s activewear is more than just a sports brand as they offer a safe work environment to abuse survivors as they join the production team and receive apparel training, mentoring, employment, and economic empowerment.

The Alana Athletica team comprises of experts in management consulting and fashion design, from different countries and humble roots. Wanting to create a high-quality luxury yoga wear product with an even greater purpose, the team created their signature luxury yoga pant and want to make it count by getting involved with Emerge.

Luxury yoga wear by Alana Athletica
Alana Athletica yoga pants in action

A member of the Alana team said: “We decided to present this opportunity to Emerge because they share the same core values as Alana Athletica and support our vision – that women deserve to feel confident, supported, and empowered. We believe that by working with Emerge, the sky
is the limit with what we can give back to these deserving women and local communities. Our vision is that Alana Athletica’s growth will be driven by the support of our global community – the women who design, cut, stitch, wear, and showcase our product.”


Luxury yoga wear
Alana Athletica yoga pants in action

Alana claims they are advocates of “success for everyone”. Their goals are to establish transparency and awareness of the realities of living in developing countries, setting an example from consumers to global corporations and creating a chain that gives back. Above all Alana Athletica says it wants to be a pioneer in the launch and execution of this exponential cycle of giving back with the ultimate goal of providing economic empowerment to women and the community.

You can give to Alana Athletica’s Kickstarter campaign and learn more about their luxury yoga wear here.

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