Luxury fashion brands are not meeting high levels of sustainability

Luxury fashion brands lack sustainable credentials

The luxury fashion sector could do far more to support sustainability, according to leading industry experts and academics.

Despite the textile industry being second to the oil industry for polluting – too little is being done to help make design, production, inventory, buying and distribution more efficient within the luxury brand sector.

These findings come from a panel at Think Tank: An Industrial Workshop for the Luxury Fashion Industry, held at MIP Politecnico di Milano, Italy last month.

Alessandro Brun, director of the Master in Global Luxury Management at MIP Politecnico di Milano said: “The round table panel – many of whom Skyped in to minimise their footprint – agreed that although developments like the continued rise of e-commerce are allowing businesses to cut down on real estate and redesign logistic strategies, many companies are still reluctant to adopt other methods of ensuring sustainability.”

The panel also comments that luxury businesses are failing to form a collaborative approach to sustainability, and parts of their operations – such as supply chains – are being neglected entirely.

Brun added: “Luxury brands are missing great chances to innovate, cut costs and demonstrate their conviction to sustainability to potential customers.”

With more and more smaller fashion brands and designers looking to create sustainable, ethical and affordable fashion, the luxury fashion world can’t afford to overlook what is fast becoming a priority for consumers.

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The biggest factor in forcing luxury fashion brands to think more about their sustainable credentials is customer choice.

Alessandro Brun said the industry must look to outlets who have minimal waste, a tight inventory, more control over the product from the customer and a far more sustainable operation.

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