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Ethletic trainers

Ethletic trainersHow seriously fabulous are these??

The look, the comfort, the practicality of what must be the world’s favourite canvas shoe, with a lovely big ethical guarantee.

They come in all sorts of colours – just as we like their ethically questionable cousins  – so you can choose something bold and attention grabbing, or understated and versatile.

Made with organic, vegetarian cotton and rubber soles, Ethletic trainers not only tick the “stand-out style” box, they help to improve the welfare and lifestyles of workers all along the supply chain.

All their cotton is Fairtrade certified and comes from India. The soles are made from Sri-lankan Fairtrade rubber. Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 14.41.58There’s no shoulder shrugging, batting of eyelids or long and complicated explanations for why they can’t really guarantee the welfare of their workers despite the best intentions… these guys are the business, ethically speaking.

You can find them online at Fashion Conscience for around £30 (uh huh, no more expensive!) and choose between lowtop or hightop styles. The biggest collection of Ethletics is available at Faircorp, where you can also find a lovely assortment of ethical sportswear and equipment. Other websites have them too, but prices and availability do seem to vary. You can even get them in kids’ sizes… but they seem to be in a short supply. Google “Ethletic” or “Ethletic kids” if you fancy shopping around.

Read here to find out how Ethletic and the organic cotton they use to make their shoes is helping to fight against poverty.



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  1. Kate

    Hooray Carey – see who you can convert!! – we can make a whole world of ethically produced fashion if we set our minds to it! x

  2. These are really cool. Really, really cool. Consider me a convert!

  3. Awesome shoes! I’ll be buying these instead of Converse.

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