Red Cross tops Dulce Salerno

Dulce Salerno’s future-changing fashion

We all know that children have the ability to change our future, but wouldn’t it be lovely if brands could design future-changing fashion too?

One Monaco-based designer is doing just that – the mother of young Dulce Salerno has taken her daughter’s name and created a fashion brand purely to help others. With 100% of profits given to good causes, a sustainable and ethical production line and a hope to make the world a kinder place.  We talked to Dulce Salerno to find out where the inspiration comes from and why green should be the new black.

Future-changing fashion starts young
Young Dulce Salerno inspired her mother to create a brand solely to help others


Where does your passion for a united world come from?

Dulce Salerno’s passion for a united world is traced back to the childhood of Dulce’s mother (who is also the founder of Dulce Salerno brand). Having grown up in a war torn country, she was raised in a family who reached out their hands to the people in need and she watched how her grandparents hosted over 40 families for free in multiple apartments that they owned. After her grandparents passed away, her mother continued to host the people in need and to date 10 families still live in those same buildings. Ever since, the need for helping others and the passion for a united world has been forever a part of her and she hopes to pass this on to Dulce.

How did you get into fashion, and how does it help with your cause to help others?

Red Cross tops Dulce Salerno
Dulce Salerno’s Red Cross tops

Fashion has always been a big part of our founder’s life as she was dazzled by the world of fashion since a very young age and took up modeling at the age of 12. It seemed only natural to combine her passion for fashion with her passion for helping others and create a brand that will use fashion as a force for good. In the end, one of the very first choices people make every day is: what should I wear today? And so we decided that we want to change the world by influencing this one particular choice and creating sustainable and socially responsible fashion that not only looks good, but does good.


How do you select the causes you feature through your fashion?

We select causes that we are passionate about and that make our hearts break when we think about them. Dulce’s choice of helping these causes is solely based on people’s needs and there are no political, economic or religious interests. The chosen causes can be local, global or specialized as long as they provide equal opportunity. Currently the causes we are working with help to provide people with their most basic and primitive needs such as water, food and medical facilities.


How much money from your sales goes to good causes?

Dulce Salerno is a non-profit organisation and therefore 100% of the profits made from sales are donated to the good causes we support.


Fighter for Life - future-changing fashion tops
Fighter for Life – fashion supporting children’s cancer charities

Do you have any celebrity fans of your designs?

Dulce Salerno is a relatively new brand (less than one year in the making) and we’ve had the honor of having celebrities such as Bob Sinclar, Rorey Fenty, Remy Kersten, Kriss Corleone and DJ Spade wear our Dulce caps at certain events.


What is your view on throw-away fashion?

It’s no secret that we aren’t a fan of throw-away fashion, considering how much harm it does to both the environment and humanity. We can’t preach being good people if we don’t care about who made our clothes or turn a blind eye on modern slavery and forced labor. Likewise, we can’t pretend to care for the environment if the clothes we wear aren’t sustainable or eco-friendly, or if we are willing to pollute the environment by throwing them away after just a few wears.


Where do you see the fashion industry in 20 years’ time?

We hope that in 20 years time, this fashion revolution that we are taking part of will not have gone in vain and that the fashion industry will be dominated by sustainable and ethically made clothing. If we do this right, if we raise our voices loud enough and stand up for what we believe in, and if we inspire the new generation and raise enough awareness about the harm of fast fashion, hopefully forced and cheap labor will no longer exist by that time and green will no longer be just the new black, but the only black.

What is the most important message you pass on to others?

Wear to Give Back baseball cap by Dulce Salerno
Dulce’s Wear to Give Back baseball cap

Through Dulce Salerno, we want people to know that they as an individual have the power to change and make a difference by small daily acts of love and kindness.

Who is your inspiration?

Our inspiration is none other than little Dulce herself. Dulce’s mother, like all mothers, dreams for a better world for her daughter. But she also knows that in order to have a better world, we must do our part everyday to make it better. She wanted this core value to be instilled in her daughter, as well as her 2 sons, right from the beginning so that as they grow up, helping others doesn’t feel like an extra effort to them but a natural and essential part of their life. But she also knew that it would take much more than just talking and explaining to catch their attention and help them understand the importance of helping others. She knew that she had to inspire them through her own actions, and with that core principle in mind, she founded the Dulce Salerno brand hoping that it will be an everlasting inspiration to her children while improving the lives of others as well.

How would you describe the “Dulce look”?

future-changing fashion caps
The Dulce baseball cap collection

The “Dulce look” is an inspiring look. It goes beyond looking trendy, casual or classy and is a reflection of people’s good hearts. Most Dulce products carry a message with them and are meant to raise awareness for our causes and inspire people to do good. We hope that when people wear our products, their positive energy will be contagious and that our message of love will be spread out.

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