Payments by Bitcoin: Safe and Popular

Bitcoin now counts more than 8 million people worldwide as customers. This speaks for a confident, reliable product, which above all provides security. In all the years in which Bitcoin offers its service, there was no scandal or hack. On safety and trust you put great value.

As an e-wallet, Bitcoin is completely independent of credit cards and other sensitive information. Bitcoin guarantees its customers to encrypt every transaction over SSL. No private data will be transmitted to third parties.

The history of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been in business since 2008. The company was able to win the trust of companies and private individuals as a startup and to become the first financial service provider in the network.

As a young startup, the service bore the name Confinity. In fact, the company had specialized in making mobile devices more secure by encrypting transactions. But the step into the financial sector was not long in coming – they renamed the company in Bitcoin . The success came in the form of Ebay. The online marketplace recognized the potential of the digital currency and bought the young company in 2009. For the first time, users were able to make digital payments. Ebay buyers, who had to make awkward transfers before, could now receive and send money with just one click. Bitcoin learned from Ebay’s time and incorporated insurance and buyer protection programs into its services, an essential part of its continued success.

However, Bitcoin was particularly popular because of its ability to make payments in real time. Until now, it was only possible with credit cards to transfer funds so quickly – and not everyone owns a credit card. A free Bitcoin account appeared during this time as a savior for a rapidly changing digital world. Although Bitcoin is no longer the sole online financial services provider in the sector, it is still way ahead of its competitors.

Bitcoin is now not only linked to Ebay, but a stand-alone app, with which you can also make direct payments mobile. Because you do not have to pay any fees for transactions between private providers, it is now especially popular with private individuals. Business vendors who primarily receive payments pay fees per transaction (which are lower than credit card providers) – making the company a global enterprise.