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Cake pops

Marina from the LIttle Dot Bake ShopThe lovely Marina Rositano from Little Dot Bake Shop is an expert in baked delicacies. Nearly three years ago she threw in the towel on her 20 year office career and upgraded her baking status to Professional. From her home kitchen in Adelaide (Australia)’s leafy suburbs, she started a small business making cakes for friends and family on their special occasions.

Marina’s commitment to quality ingredients, her sense of fun and flavour and her eye for exquisite detail – not to mention her self-described “granny-given-gift for paper-craft, handmade pinwheels, pretty ribbons and paper flag bunting” – have made Little Dot the go-to girl for truly heavenly cakes and luxury, vintage-styled high-teas.

The only thing wrong with the Little Dot Bakeshop – from a British perspective, at least! – is that it’s in the wrong hemisphere. What are those of us who don’t live in Adelaide to do about getting a taste of Little Dot’s goodies???

At this stage the best we can offer is to have a go making some of Marina’s signature cake pops, using these tips….

I thought you might like to read a few of my top tips for making Cake Pops at home…

cake-pop-a1) Use good ingredients and make your own cake – you will always be thankful for the difference in flavour and it’s comforting to know you’re not filling your tummy with nasty colouring & preservatives
2) Blend your cake with 2 tbs buttercream thoroughly – I even blend for up to 5 minutes in my Magimix. This makes a smoother and more pliable cake ball which is more likely to stick together
3) Handroll 30g of this blended cake mixture into a ball and pop in the fridge to cool overnight – if you only chill for 10mins (as a lot of recipes suggest) you’re bound to find your cake balls falling off the sticks and your stress levels rising. This is supposed to be fun!
4) Melt your chocolate. I use beautiful Belgian chocolate but don’t forget it needs to be ‘tempered’. A better option for busy mum’s is to use Cadbury Melts from the supermarket.
5) Dip your cake pop sticks about 1cm into the chocolate and pop your cake ball on – I then let it sit in a bowl with the ball down so the chocolate sets onto the stick before it has a chance to slide off
6) You’re then ready to dip your ball into the chocolate! Dip the ball in and make sure you cover over the chocolate from when you dipped the sticks – this gives the cake a great seal. Then lift the ball on the stick out of the chocolate and give it a shake to let excess chocolate drip back into the bowl – this also helps to stops dripping when you turn your cake pop the ‘right way up’. It’s also worth making sure your chocolate isn’t too hot or the chocolate may crack –cake-pop-b it should be luke warm or even cooler. While the chocolate is setting you can sprinkle on some of your favourite hundreds and thousands…
7) A great way to display cake pops at home is to put some pretty ribbons on the sticks and then fill your favourite jug, vase or teapot to the top with sugar and pop them in. The sugar anchors the sticks and they look fab!


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  2. Kate

    She has many fans, near and far! Lovely to hear from you x

  3. Love Little Dot’s Cakes Marina is such a wonderful generous person and her cakes really shine and taste amazing :)

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