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Bounty Mutiny: latest letter to MP

Tonbridge and MallingTuesday 23 July 2013

Dear Sir John Stanley

I recently emailed you regarding women on banknotes and was delighted to receive your reply in the mail. Thank you.

I also wrote to you about marketing in hospital wards, in particular my experience on the maternity ward at Pembury Hospital and have not heard back from you. As a mother of six children, this issue is very dear to my heart.

I strongly believe that an NHS maternity ward is not a vaguely suitable place for Bounty or any other company to be touting their wares. Further, immediately following the birth of a child is not a suitable time to be put under pressure to give your details to a company for their future marketing purposes.

Please let me know if you are willing to ask the government to:
1. Stop commercial parenting club reps accessing maternity wards to distribute ‘new mothers’ packs, take photographs and gather information
2. Find another route for distribution of Child Benefit Claim forms and make sure that parents are aware of their availability online.

Yours sincerely

Kate Seamark


About Kate

Kate Seamark is the Editor of Diamonds and Daisychains. She is the force behind our ethical clothing campaign and has six children who she tries not to embarrass (too much) in her blog Editor's letters. To find out more about our contributors, visit our Community page.


  1. Well said. Have you heard back yet? Shirl

  2. Great post. I am impressed! Very useful information and useable letter for others. Good idea. Thanks and best of luck. (How do you find the time girl?)

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