Slot Machine Tricks

Due to the many colors, exciting topics and funny animations, slot machines are one of the most popular games in the online casino. The interface may look different in each slot machine, but there is a math in the background that does not differ much from game developer to game developer. They all have a random generator, which randomly arranges the rollers with each spin. Thus, profit or loss is left to chance.

In many places, however, one can read that this random generator can fool you with strategies. However, as a slot machine is not a game like blackjack or roulette, where you can lower the house edge with good strategies and win against the dealer, strategies are completely worthless. Whether you change the mission in a specific order or even press the spin button at certain distances, it is impossible to outsmart the random number generator.

The same applies to manipulation. No matter what software, app or hack you use, you can not influence chance. If you want to manipulate gaming machines or apply strategies, then you will simply bite your teeth. You can also find out more about manipulating slot machines in our article.

Slots Tricks: How it works?

Even if one has no luck with strategies and manipulation, one comes with some great slot machine tricks to the goal. These tips are a good way to keep an eye on your game, not just for beginners, but for advanced casino players as well.

Responsible gambling

Before venturing out to an online casino, you should think about your bankroll management and how much time you would like to spend at the casino. Otherwise it can happen that you use too much money. This can also happen if you lose track of time. It is best to set limits for this, which can also be set directly in the casino account, how long you can play in a day or a month and how much you can deposit in total.

Casino bonuses

In the search for a new online casino one is often guided by the online casino bonuses. You can either get extra deposit or free spins that you can use in any casino game. They are especially good for slot machines because it counts 100% per bet and gives one free bet.

In addition, many online casinos also offer VIP programs and high roller bonuses, from which one can benefit as a frequent player. These special bonus offers appear more often and are higher in comparison to the welcome bonus.

Games offer

The bonus may look good in the casino, but the most important thing is still the game offer. If the online casino only offers slots from NetEnt, you have less choice than if you also include Microgaming and PlayTech. This gives you more freedom and variety while playing.

Get to know the game

This point is especially important for beginners, but can also be useful for experienced players. Whether you open a slot machine for the first time or simply try a new one, you should really get to know the game first. These offer free slot machines, which you can try without loss.

Choose simple games

No matter how interesting a slot machine with a thrilling theme and five reels looks, the odds of winning are far lower than those of a three-reel slot. Although five reels look more attractive at first glance and may offer higher payouts, it is harder to achieve them. So if you are faced with the choice of two games, you should choose the one with fewer rolls.

Compare RTP

Each slot machine has a built-in RTP, the so-called return-to-player, which usually moves between 93% -98%. The higher the percentage, the higher the possibility of a profit. If you play theoretically € 100 in the slot, you get around € 98 as a profit, if the RTP is 98%. So you should look for a slot machine that has a high RTP.

Check the disbursement table

To avoid confusion during the game, you should analyze the paytable before the first spin. This shows, namely, how deep the payouts for smaller symbols are and how high the bonus probabilities are and what you need for it.

Stay true to the mission

If the money management still looks so good, you can also take over yourself and give in to the lucky streak. But it is very important to stick to the commitment you made yourself. Otherwise, if you win, you will increase the bet and less spins will spend a lot more money than was planned. In addition, then also reduces the game time, since you have no more credit in the account.

Play jackpot with high stakes

If you have set your bet on a low amount, you should not adjust it as just said. But if you play in a jackpot slot machine, it is often an advantage to adapt it. Because the higher the bet, the higher the jackpot, if you hit it!

If you have made a profit, you should not immediately gamble for an even higher profit, but put aside – otherwise you spend more than his limit. Of course you can continue playing, but only until you reach the set limit. Who sets the profit on the side, will also have more fun to play at the casino, because you can also pay something out of it.

Slot Machine Tricks: How to use it?

It is up to each one to decide whether or not to adopt these slot machine tricks, but be careful not to indulge in the temptations of manipulation. If you plan your game in the online casino from A to Z exactly and sets limits and rules to be meticulous, that’s half the battle.