High Roller Casinos

A high roller is a particularly risk-averse player with very high budgets. Because these players are very lucrative for a casino they are also given certain bonuses and benefits.

Which players are High Roller?

The definition of High Roller can be very different, but basically one can say: If you have an above-average budget and at the same time as risk-taking as the normal hobby player, then he is probably a high roller. Those who like to play the “Max” option and take full risk with maximum profit expectancy are among the elite and especially ensnared group of brave High Roller players.

High rollers are serial offenders. This means that they do not just spend a lot of money in Las Vegas or in the online casino, but they come back and are known to the casinos. Many high rollers boast of a very specific lifestyle. They want to lead an extravagant life and radiate that too.

But then there are others who just want the lifestyle, but do not really understand the basic idea of the High Roller. It’s not just about paid helicopter flights or great service – you could just buy it with the money we’re talking about here.

This guarantees a certain fairness and stops the hobby players from plunging too much into financial ruin. In addition: at the normal tables in the online casino, the limits are usually limited. For high rollers, certain high roller casinos do not have these low limits.

A high roller also has the advantage that in long games (blackjack for example) he can play with a bigger bankroll and thus has a greater stamina than other players. He does not need to worry about being eaten by the blinds or panicking. Instead, he can also lose time statistically, with the chance to win it all in a better round again. Here are factors such as the house advantage in play, or the nature of the game. Baccarat, for example, is also a very popular game among high rollers because it promises very, very high payouts in the medium term in high stakes.

The good high roller casinos offer in their VIP clubs not only great conditions and best live casinos, but also nice prices and incentives. These include luxurious trips or expensive gifts. In addition, high-turnover top players most often have their own manager on the side, who can reach them day and night for any questions or service they need.

The best bonuses in high roller casinos

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of high rollers is the offered premium bonuses of internet casinos. If you make large deposits, you will be rewarded with money again. Because of course it is in the interest of online casinos that high rollers invest their money with them. The bonuses should ensure that the high rollers are loyal and can let off steam in the casino.

That’s why special high roller casinos also offer special offers for their customers. With a new application in the online casino for High Roller you can easily get more than 100% of the deposit, if you directly book a lot of money in his account. In addition, the betting conditions are sometimes a little relaxed than with the standardized bonus offers. It is quite clear: the more money you bring, the longer and the more you actually get something out of it!

But beware: there are no online casinos that offer tables or slots without limits! That would sooner or later drive the online casinos into financial ruin. You just want to imagine what happens when someone bets millions of euros on red or black and then wins. Immediately the casino would go down. That’s why there are limitations here as well.

What must a high roller in the online casino pay attention to?

The most important thing is to find out before a deposit, if there are any extra programs for High Roller, and what offers you can expect. It is worthwhile to directly connect with the service of the online casino and to ask, because sometimes these extra bonuses are not on the websites.

In the best case, one may expect a special treatment, and from certain sums the offers are almost immoral. Therefore, one should not be distracted by the offers for the “normal” deposits (up to 5000 euros), these probably do not count for one, if you operate as a high roller and has a lot more in the bag.

Most online casinos offer special offers for high rollers. There are also some casinos that have limited themselves to high rollers, but these are rather rare, otherwise they would restrict themselves in their customer offer but rather. For online casinos therefore an exclusive high roller offer is not profitable enough.

Therefore, it continues to say: every potential player can register in the online casinos, even if he sets only cents. There are differences, however, because some online casinos abstain entirely on high roller deals, and should avoid those with a lot of money in the bag as possible, so as not to miss out on better terms with other companies.

Another important note in the bonus offers: even those for high rollers can sometimes have very restrictive betting conditions. That is, it takes time to unlock the bonus. This is usually worthwhile only with slot machines, because table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat are often excluded and do not count towards the turnover of the betting conditions! So if you like to play this type of gambling, you should forego the bonus at the beginning, and pocket your winnings (or losses) directly.

Payouts in High Roller Casinos

As mentioned earlier, online casinos have some risks associated with playing high rollers. Therefore, there is usually a limit on the payouts. One should pay attention, if you pay a lot of money in one fell swoop. These payout limits are sometimes between 8,000 and 15,000 euros a month.

So if you win more money, you may have to wait a long time to see it on your account. Other casinos, on the other hand, are happy to pay out millions of euros directly. This is an important criterion to look out for when signing up at the online casino and what separates the wheat from the chaff at high roller casinos.