Petition buttonLove must be in the air, this lusciously warm and wonderful summer!

Our ethical fashion writer Carly McGuire has some great ideas for wedding guests and brides to be, while our Wife columnist (and professional photographer) Sharron Goodyear has the lowdown on how to ensure beautiful wedding photos...

Laura Briggs asks how important a woman's appearance is in assessing her overall success, and we had such a brilliant response to Sarah Baker's post on ten years of motherhood, that we're featuring it for a few more weeks.

We won't be around much over the next few weeks, as we're taking a leaf out of life coach Kay Hannaford's book and taking a break. Read the advice she gives her extraordinarily successful clients - and shares with us too! - and get yourself some relaxed loveliness this August.


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Our ethical shopping campaign

Rahul Talukder, from a series taken following the Rana Plaza collapse

It started with Suzi's blog The clothes on my back and continues to grow! Now we're determined to keep the conversation alive.

In our latest ethical fashion article, we asked some of our favourite retailers whether they pay living wages and ensure safe work environments. Their answers (and our ratings) are in Are ANY fashion retailers ethical?

Read our Ethical kids' clothing guide.

Find out how to put together a useful, ethical maternity wardrobe.

Discover what clothing retailers said when we asked them about sweatshops: Just a simple “Yes” or “No”, please.

Or check out Things we love to see some beautiful brands and products who are loud and proud about the provenance of their goodies, without even being asked... If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference in the world, getting ethical is a great place to start!

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    As I’ve been talking to friends this week about my recent 5-day juice detox, people have been telling me about all sorts of weird and wonderful health ideas. From drinking 150ml of straight cider vinegar each morning to “alkalise” the body, to suspending oneself upside down to allow gravity to ...

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