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Bitcoin  is considered one of the most successful cryptocurrencies and, above all, the oldest and most renowned e-wallet provider on the net. Many online casinos allow deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin . We show how Bitcoin casinos work and what are pros and cons.

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Bitcoin  is a virtual means of payment that simplifies online transactions in any way for gamblers and retailers on the Internet. In principle, in order to pay with Bitcoin , you simply have to create an account to which you can load money by direct debit, credit card or bank transfer. Anyone who connects their checking account with Bitcoin  can also make automatic payments or make payments between private Bitcoin accounts.

Bitcoin has existed since 2008 and today has a proper license. The company is audited and regulated and is therefore considered to be absolutely bombproof. Bitcoin  can be used for many transactions on the net and is also suitable as a business account as well as for private spending. For playing in online casinos Bitcoin is wonderful, because the transactions are done in real time. Once you make your payment, you can start playing with your favorite games.

The only downside: signing up for Bitcoin  involves many steps that need to be completed first. You absolutely need an email address and a link to the in-house checking account. In this respect, Bitcoin  is not anonymous.

This may take a few business days due to the verification method by bank transfer. But as soon as this step is done, you can easily send and receive money – straightforwardly and immediately. If there is no credit on the Bitcoin  account, the amount to be paid is simply debited from the checking account by direct debit.

Advantages of the Bitcoin  account

A Bitcoin  account is free for all users. Only in the case of a transfer to your own current account will the fees be charged in percentage.

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All you need for a Bitcoin  account is an e-mail address and, if necessary, a way to deposit it into the account (credit card, linked bank account, etc.)

Every transaction is done in real time. So you can immediately play in the online casino or have purchases confirmed and sent.

Withdrawals can easily be made to the Bitcoin  account.

Many online casinos offer discounts and bonuses on using Bitcoin  when depositing.

Bitcoin  is rock solid and can compete with many financial institutions and banks.

Bitcoin  is also very useful for other virtual shopping experiences and payments and is used by many members in private auctions to receive money.

Bitcoin  has its own buyer protection, which intervenes with fraudsters and other problems and insures the money of the customers.

Disadvantages of the Bitcoin account

In the US, Bitcoin  does not work to pay in online casinos.

The customer service of Bitcoin  is considered very bad. There is no direct telephone hotline and in the first place are always only the business partners. If Bitcoin  thinks that something is wrong with your receipts, the account will sometimes be blocked without any timely notice. This can be annoying if you want to transfer your profits!

100% up to €200T & C Apply
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You can use Bitcoin  anonymously, but then the money stays in virtual space. You can not withdraw it with a credit card or similar, but you have to link a bank account to be able to withdraw it.

Play online casino with Bitcoin

As one of the first payment providers for the virtual space, Bitcoin  has really established a reliable reputation. Technically, there is hardly anything to complain about. The use of online casinos with Bitcoin  as an e-wallet is very easy and is very suitable for use in the online casino.

Most online casinos offer a deposit as well as a payout via Bitcoin . Signing up with Bitcoin  is very easy. Because most of them already have a Bitcoin account, it is no problem to pay with it in the online casino.

If you do not have one, you should not only get one for the online casino: Bitcoin  is very convenient to use and can be used for many virtual payments without having to charge your own credit card.

And because you only have to remember the email address, it is very easy to do so and without complicated IBAN and BIC confusions. In addition, the account is always free for the simple user. This makes the provider Bitcoin  as a means of payment in and outside the online casino very attractive!

The Bitcoin  Rewards system

Suppliers must pay fees when they receive money via Bitcoin ; However, these are much more attractive than other providers. Therefore, many online casinos offer special bonus offers if players want to pay with Bitcoin . The additional discounts on casino deposits range from 5% to 15% on every deposit players make through Bitcoin . However, this can vary from casino to casino, so we recommend – as always – that you deal exactly with the user conditions.